Alma Institute, couples
Alma Institute, couples


Antoinette Liechti Maccarone
5, ch. du Mont-Blanc

1290 Chavannes-des-Bois


Phone +41 (0)22 738 17 02

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Welcome into couplehood adventure!

A challenge

Couple life is one of the biggest challenges we’ve been given to experience. Daily life, material worries, children, family, work, health, past, sex life, dreams, we have to do our best to integrate all this into something good.

And you’d better be well prepared and have the proper equipment to face this challenge!


An adventure

We invite you to transform of otherness. Every day our partner reminds us how he or she is not us, and that’s our treasure! Live the adventure of being with another, and with yourself and become intimate, passionate, joyfull, understanding, curious, loving, creative, in fact simply . You are invited to live your relationship with your partner and with yourself as an adventure that will always surprise you.


In relationship

Transforming the couples challenge into an adventure is possible under one essential condition: you have to work on your relationship. You cannot avoid investing time and energy in your relationship. You will need courage and open mindedness to adventure into unexplored territories. So welcome to this big journey!