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Sexuality: A body art that needs to be learned


An art that needs nourishment from both partners

Once the romantic stage is over, sexual desire needs to be nourished, like a fire that needs wood to keep burning. There is no such thing as a desire pill or a magic wand. The only recepy is being personally responsible and take care of it on a daily basis, consciously creating encounters and regularly nourishing it together.

Sexuality is an art. You are invited to experience it fully: not only with your body but also with your heart amd soul.


Against popular beliefs :

  • Sexuality evolves and has to be learned throughout our life.
  • The improvement of relationship does not necessary mean the improvement of sexuality and desire.
  • It is not because there is no more sexual desire that there is no more love.
  • Each one of us is invited to own and become the actor of one’s own sexuality.