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Imago Training for Professional Facilitators


The Professional Facilitator program was created to help professionals in a broad range of fields to become more effective at creating stronger and more productive relationships, through facilitating the Imago dialogue.

The program includes up to 16-days of small-group training, in addition to post-course project work.










Participants are taught to look underneath the surface of disagreements to reveal the underlying feelings and emotional needs. By uncovering these needs, Imago facilitators can be more powerful at building connections between people in a wide variety of settings, including within the family and organizations.

The Imago Facilitation Program has been developed to meet the needs of different professional groups. They are designed to apply the perspective Imago offers on human relationships within different organizational and cultural contexts.


Who is the Imago Professional Facilitation Program for?

This training is intended for professionals who want to apply Imago in the specialized context of their own profession.

The emphasis is on learning how to apply Imago processes in non-therapeutic contexts. The goal is to help individuals integrate Imago not only as a method, but also as a personal attitude into their professional activities.

The training is intended for:

Lawyers, doctors, healthcare professionals, Family advisors in legal and financial fields, Ministers and clergymen of all faiths. Professional divorce mediators, Counselors - in nutrition, school, child-hood development, Educators, Teachers, Team managers, Coaches

This training will be proposed by the ALMA institute in 2012, in the meanwhile you can look on the international Imago website for trainings in English and German