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Rekindling Passion


  • Price/couple

    CHF 600.-
  • Lunch/couple

    Lunch and coffee breaks:
    CHF 100.-
  • Location

    Centre John Knox
    Grand Saconnex (Geneva)
    For informations about John Knox Center
  • Information

    Upon request, workshops can be given in your area if there are a minimum number of participants. If you are interested contact us.


We all dream about passion and very often have experienced it at the beginning of our relationship.

Nevertheless, passion vanishes with time in a long lasting relationship. Daily life and routine become like sand jamming the mechanisms.

If you want to have a passionate relationship, where you admire each other and where there is a deepening of the bond between you, you have to work on it! It is a way of life, of being that needs to be learned, nourished and shared. You will work with Imago tools as well as with the ones from Positive Psychology and the Sexocorporal Approach, integrating also all the new research in neurosciences.

You will learn to share about your sexuality and will explore tracks to rekindle it and keep it rich and creative.


Who is this workshop for?


To participate to this workshop you will need to have either participated to an Imago basic workshop or have done some sessions with an Imago therapist. Of course, the practical side of sexuality does not take place in the group…

So come on board to live your dreams instead of staying on the shore dreaming about your life!


During this workshop you will learn to:

  • Cultivate reciprocal admiration
  • Promote each other’s talents
  • Develop curiosity for your partner’s world
  • Learn to share about sexuality in an empathic and respectful way
  • Develop your sexual generosity and empathy
  • Become responsible for your sexuality
  • Develop seduction and avoid anti-seduction