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Conscious Relationship: A new way to Love



  • Price/couple

    CHF 850.-
  • Lunch/couple

    Repas de midi et pauses café: CHF 100.-
  • Location

    Centre John Knox
    Grand Saconnex (Genève)
    Pour des informations sur le Centre John Knox
  • Information : Des stages peuvent être organisés sur demande dans votre région à partir d'un nombre minimum de couples. Si vous êtes intéressés, contactez-nous.
This workshop is based on the « Getting The Love You Want » couples workshop developed by Hendrix, PH D. It covers all the principles of Imago Relationship Therapy.

Why attend a workshop?

The couple workshop is the best way to learn the Imago tools in a short period of time. It allows you to work on your relationship in an intensive way, which generally has the effect of boosting it.


During the workshop you will learn how to:

  • Revisit your and your partner’s story in order to understand the relational dances from the past you are both repeating today
  • Adopt new behaviours that strengthen your relationship
  • Improve your daily life
  • Transform your frustrations into growth gifts
  • Tame your reactivity in order to transform it into intentionality
  • Have a new vision of you and your partner
  • Allow you to have big dreams and start having them become real.

Who is this workshop for?

Your relationship may be in a honey moon phase, a desert, or a hell on earth. Whatever you’re experiencing right now, this workshop can help you improve it, because it will definitively help you communicate differently. You will both learn to listen and understand. You will see how much sense you both make.

What do you do during a workshop?

There is a time for theory, a time for demonstration of the Imago tools, a time for practice with your partner and time for individual work. The goal is to share with your partner. There is no obligation to share within the group.

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