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Testimonials of participants

We should take pictures to show the change after the workshop! Here are some participants feedbacks:

  • Getting married is like putting the key in the contact and starting a car. It works but you just don’t know how to repair it, how it works, or how to boost it. Imago offers you tools and knowledge for “relationship mechanics”!

  • I am in awe by the depth these Imago dialogues allow and by how this structured way of dialoguing enables us to open up, to be with our partner and with our relationship.

  • You really should do this experience if your couple is in trouble.Christiane

  • It’s worth taking the risk of overcoming your fears, even when they look extreme, because you’ll definitively live better afterwards.
  • A privileged time to visit with softness and depth the territories that live in us and that are otherwise so hard to get in touch with. Unknown territories where we are encouraged to explore and where I discovered treasures, new fertilizers for our couple
  • To witness the eye gazes, the opening of the hearts. Opening our soul and our heart. A journey at the source of humanity: the couple...

  • The most beautiful proof that every problem is in fact an opportunity, a platform for healing and change.
  • In a very skilful and empathic way, the workshop presenters help us explore our relationship, unfold it, link it with our childhood and understand it in order to change it with the Imago tools and rituals.