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Man and proud to be



  • For the time being no evenings programmed yet


Learn to live in my man body,
open up to the erotic man in me,
integrate my power as a man.


Being a man nowadays, you have to integrate and manage several roles at the same time: active man, husband, father, friend, lover and keep being proud to be a man in a world where men’s role has been modified.



  • How to stay grounded in their masculinity without falling in the caricature of being a macho?
  • How to integrate their sensitivity without falling into the “just a good friend” role?
  • How to become a better lover and know how to give pleasure and at the same time being able to last and savour their own pleasure?
  • How to stay grounded and proud as a man in front of woman’s increased assertiveness?

We are elaborating a series of 6 evenings on masculine sexuality similar to the one done for women. But this is still a project under construction! Nevertheless, the “Vivre en Amour” seminars, especially the one on “Masculine eroticism” gives a lot of excellent information and working hints to answer these questions.