Taking care of the family relationship space

Family life can sometimes be difficult despite all the love we have for each other. How to create a climate of dialogue and listening in which everyone can have their place. 

Concrete tools to improve family exchanges and create a common dynamic by taking into account the needs of each person. 

Learn to choose intentionality rather than reactivity in the family as a way to take care of each other.  

Consultations in French, English and Spanish
Possibility of face-to-face or online consultations

Why consult?

At every stage of family life there are specific challenges that bring joy but also stress that can turn into conflict. We feel exhausted, misunderstood, at the end of our rope, alone and yet we love each other but in these moments we are just in survival mode, so it’s all over the place.

How can we make room for each other’s curiosity when we are facing difficulties ourselves? How do you find a balance between giving love and providing a framework that creates security? How to accompany your children after your divorce by allowing them to feel that the end of your marital couple is not the end of your parental couple?

Becoming allies in the family

Each generation tries to do better than the last and has its own challenges. Our children will come to press our red buttons and invite us to work on old wounds that we have brought back from our own childhood. How can we transform what at first seems to be conflict into an invitation to grow together?

The Imago toolbox offers ways to do this as a family and to renew the dialogue between generations.

You are stuck in the spiral of permanent conflict and want to find a more harmonious relationship?

You want to become the owner of your desire and live a more enriching sexuality?

Understanding the Imago method

Discover the basics of the Imago method.


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