Shifting your focus

Are you going through a difficult period and would like to have a space for listening and reflection to have another vision? Do you wonder why the same kind of difficulties repeat themselves, either in your private or professional life? 

With the different tools I have at my disposal, we can work together towards a different way of experiencing what is happening to you in order to turn it into opportunities for growth and evolution.

Consultations in French, English and Spanish
Possibility of face-to-face or online consultations

Why consult?

For yourself in a process of psychotherapy or personal development in order to improve your well-being with yourself or with others.

Because you are experiencing a relational difficulty and you do not have the possibility to work on it with the person or persons concerned, but nevertheless you want to do what you can to improve the situation. You only need to change one part of the system to change the whole dynamic.

Do you want to own your desire and experience a more fulfilling sexuality?

Are you stuck in a spiral of permanent conflict and want to find a more harmonious relationship?

Understanding the Imago method

Discover the basics of the Imago method.


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