Imago Relational Therapy

The main tool I use with couples is Imago Relational Therapy, which helps to listen deeply to each other and dissolve conflicts. Depending on the nature of your request, I will also use all the other tools I have acquired over the past 25 years, from sexology to mindfulness, positive psychology, neuroscience and bodywork.

More information about Imago therapy

Consultations in French, English and Spanish
Possibility of face-to-face or online consultations

Why consult?

Because living together is a challenge

After a promising start with your partner, have you entered a less comfortable and more conflictual phase? Do you argue over unimportant things? Do you start to dread coming home to find a mess? Do you feel misunderstood, alone, criticized, unloved, in survival mode? It’s a nightmare! 

Living together is a challenge. Daily life, material concerns, children, family, work, health, the past, the future, sexuality, our dreams, our emotions, we try our best to make something good out of it all and we don’t always succeed. Often this leads to misunderstandings, arguments, blame, resentment, estrangement. And the gap gets wider and wider if we do nothing. It is better to be well equipped for this challenge, because our partner is definitely not like us and never will be.

An affair

I suggest you turn this challenge into an adventure.  Be curious about each other and ourselves to learn again to be complicit, intimate, passionate, full of joy, understanding, respectful, loving, creative, in a word: alive.

Turning the challenge of being a couple into an adventure is possible if you work on your relationship. You will need courage and openness. Courage to dare to really show yourself in such a way that your partner can understand you. It’s not so much what you say, but how you say it. I can help you re-establish the bond and understand what is at stake between you. You will then become alchemists: you will transform what puts lead in your relationship into gold for your partner.

What happens during a couple consultation?

The first Imago therapy session lasts between 2 and 2.5 hours, so that we can work in depth from the beginning and get a good basis for the transformation process. 

After that, there are different types of follow-ups:

  • Follow-up at bi-weekly intervals in 1.5 to 2 hour sessions.
  • A half-day or full-day intensive to boost your relationship. 
  • A premium intensive: two intensive days equivalent to a couple’s course.

During the first 2-hour session, you will already have concrete tools to listen to yourself differently and reconnect with the best of yourself and your partner. You will know how to replace your reactivity with curiosity to become the allies you were before.

Remember: your relationship must be nurtured and maintained for a lifetime!

Our sessions are a springboard to achieve this.

You want to improve your relationship and live a more fulfilling sexuality?

Do you want to create a space for dialogue within your family where everyone can feel seen and heard?

Understanding the Imago method

Discover the basics of the Imago method.


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