Sexuality is an art that is learned

Live your sexuality to the fullest: not only with your body, but with your heart and soul.

Remember: Your sexuality evolves and is learned throughout your life. 

Just because sexual desire has diminished does not mean that there is no love, just as if the relationship improves does not mean that sexuality will immediately return.

Take charge of your sexuality and be an actor instead of a spectator.

Consultations in French, English and Spanish
Possibility of face-to-face or online consultations

Why consult?

At the beginning, I see the couple together to evaluate the request and also give Imago tools to take care of the relationship because often when there is a sexual difficulty, it will impact the relationship and it is about helping you to be allies again. Then, one to two sessions of one hour and a half to make your sexoclinic evaluation and to propose a treatment plan for you individually and as a couple. Thereafter, the sessions are spaced out according to your progress.

The sexological treatment consists of learning body skills to better identify and manage your sensations (especially your sexual arousal) while taking into account cognitive, emotional, fantastical and relational aspects.

It is not a question of simply learning a body “technique”, but of refining your perceptions and your bodily and relational feelings in order to live a more fulfilling sexual life. 

Throughout the course of the treatment, there will be alternating sessions between individuals and couples.

In the couple sessions we work on desire and seduction with the aim of being allies in your mutual pleasure.

You are stuck in the spiral of permanent conflict and want to find a more harmonious relationship?

You want to become the owner of your desire and live a more enriching sexuality?

Understanding the Sexocorporal method

Discover the basics of the Sexocorporal method.

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