Sexuality is an art that can be learned

Live your sexuality to the fullest: not only with your body, but with your heart and soul.

Remember: Your sexuality evolves and is learned throughout life. 

Just because sexual desire has diminished doesn’t mean there is no love, and just because the relationship is better doesn’t mean sexuality will return.

Take charge of your sexuality and be an actor instead of a spectator.

Consultations in French, English and Spanish
Possibility of face-to-face or online consultations

Why consult?

Because living together is a challenge

At the beginning of a relationship, our desire is often enhanced by the novelty and the neurohormonal cocktail our brains produce, and we spend a lot of time sharing and seducing each other. It’s the best! Unfortunately, research shows us that this state only lasts for a while.

Sexual desire is like a fire that needs to be fed. Feed it daily, create moments of encounter on a regular basis. 

Do you own or rent your desire? Do you have the keys to it or does it depend on external conditions?

Frequent reasons

Specifically, the most frequent reasons to consult a sexologist are 

  • Loss of sexual desire
  • Erectile difficulties 
  • Rapid or premature ejaculation or lack of ejaculation.
  • Difficulty in feeling sexual arousal
  • Difficulty in reaching orgasm during intercourse
  • Pain during penetration

How does an individual sexological consultation work?

Generally one or two one and a half hour sessions to perform your sexoclinical evaluation and propose a treatment plan. Thereafter, sessions are spaced according to your progress. 

The treatment consists of learning body skills to better identify and manage Your sensations (especially Your sexual arousal) taking into account the cognitive, affective, fantasy and relational aspects.

The goal is not simply to learn a bodily “technique”, but to refine Your perceptions and Your bodily and relational feelings in order to live a more fulfilling sexual life. 

You can also consult as a couple, in particular to work on desire, seduction and to be allies in mutual pleasure.

Sexocorporal therapy offers simple means to help individuals or couples in their project of a better sexual and love life.

You want to improve your relationship and live a more fulfilled sexuality?

Understanding the Sexocorporal method

Discover the basics of the Sexocorporal method.

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