A winning team is something you build

Do you want to improve relationships within your team and bring out the potential of each one? Then take care of the quality of the relational space, because when it is good, creativity can emerge and motivation is boosted.

Offer your team a “relational team building”: days of reconnection with concrete tools to learn to listen to each other, communicate positively, value each other’s skills and give constructive feedback.

Consultations in French, English and Spanish
Possibility of face-to-face or online consultations

Why consult?

In a team, all kinds of dynamics can arise that hinder the pooling of the tremendous potential of everyone’s talents when working together. 

Teams are a human system and will also go through phases of development in which the challenges will not be the same. We work differently depending on whether it is a start-up, an SME, a family business or an established corporate environment.

Parallel to the specific growth phase of the team, the stage each team member is in is also important: is he or she a new hire, a veteran, a founding member who is having difficulty making room for the next generation? Each member will also be at his or her own relational stage, with his or her own specific issues.

And finally, each person’s character adds to the relational milieu: extroverts will fill the space left open by the introverts’ lack of sharing, and the team will lose valuable information in the process.  Everyone interprets things in their own way without having the means to check what is really going on or taking the time to do so. A lot of energy is wasted on misunderstandings and misinterpretations, leading to personal dissatisfaction, reduced motivation and lower performance. Everyone loses out.

Listening, valuing, energizing

Taking care of the relational space consists of learning ways to recognize the strengths of each person by valuing them, creating a space for dialogue with listening tools adapted to the teams, working from the positive to give constructive feedback. It is also about learning effective ways to dissolve conflicts in a spirit of true collaboration. This type of climate creates security, which in turn becomes a catalyst for creativity.  

Understanding the Imago method

Discover the basics of the Imago method.


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