MAP – Adoption

The desire to have a child and start a family is often an important element for couples. However, this dream can be fraught with difficulties and medically assisted reproduction is becoming more and more common. It is a journey that can sometimes feel like an obstacle course, as it involves couples at different levels.

Between medical interventions, hormone treatments that impact mood, the roller coaster between hope, joy and failure, it is best to have relational tools to get through this period while remaining allies. Because often the stress of all these steps will impact us and we tend to project it on our partner. 

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Why consult?

Taking care of your relationship on an emotional and sexual level is important in a MAP process. Men and women do not experience the same thing during the process, but there is suffering for both. First of all, there is the grief of the easy way out, of “naturally like everyone else”, even if the number of MAP procedures is increasing. Then there are the tests, interventions and hormone treatments, which undeniably have an impact on the state of mind. 

Finally, there are the multiple failures (didn’t work, miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies), which are each time a duel that plunges you into an emotional roller coaster. Without the tools to talk about it, they hurt you even more. How do you deal with all the issues involved in each type of procedure (fertilization, in vitro, egg donation, surrogacy)?

Baby or not

If the baby finally arrives, of course there is immense joy and victory, but often the couple is in such a state of relational exhaustion that it adds to the normal exhaustion experienced by all young parents and there, what should finally be the realization of a dream becomes a nightmarish desert because we have lost each other along the way.

And if this does not happen, how can we rebuild another couple project by supporting each other to close the door to the project of biological parenthood in order to open ourselves either to another project such as adoption or to a project of a full life even without children.

Having lived through the MAP process for 10 years, and the adoption process that led to the arrival of a beautiful baby girl in our lives, we know something about this! So pull out all the stops and get help.

You want to improve your relationship and live a more fulfilling sexuality?

You wish to create a space for dialogue within your family where everyone can feel seen and heard?

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