Are you trapped in a spiral of constant conflicts and want to find a more harmonious relationship?
We have effective tools to help you move forward.

Consultations in French, English and Spanish
Possibility of face-to-face or online consultations


Are you stuck in a spiral of constant conflict and want to find a more harmonious relationship? Become an alchemist of your relationship by transforming into gold what weighs you down with Imago tools.


Are you no longer getting along sexually and pain has replaced pleasure? Rekindle the passion by owning your desire instead of being a tenant of it.


Has family life become a minefield?  Create a space for dialogue in your family where everyone can feel seen and heard.

Adoption / MAP

Do you dream of becoming a parent and the road is full of pitfalls? Get support in what may seem like an obstacle course and turn it into a loving partnership.

Get engaged

Are you afraid of commitment? Are you attracted to married life but keep putting it off for fear that you haven’t found the right person? I can help you see things more clearly so that you dare to take the risk of a couple’s adventure.